Debi Marshall



The Friends’ School

Bachelor of Arts
University of Tasmania

Diploma of Education

La Trobe University, Vic

Career prior to Journalism

Teacher English/Drama

Career in Journalism

Northern Territory News


1987 – 1993

Hard news/live-to-air reports, newsreader

Sky TV
Tasmania correspondent

Australian newspapers
feature stories

All Australian magazines
inc the Bulletin, Woman’s Weekly, Madison, Marie Claire, WHO

Senior feature writer/reporter New Idea

1997 – present
Freelance – all media


part-time 2003/2004
University of Tasmania

part-time 2003/2004

Channel 7
SA Research writer true-crime docu-drama

2011 – 2016
Sunday Night 7
Full time, Associate Producer, specialising in crime stories

Working on exciting new television projects. Watch this space! ☺


I have covered major breaking news events for TV, radio and print, including Port Arthur and the Snowtown trials and broken many exclusive stories.  I have also done a great deal of public speaking and press interviews for my books.

In 1992, my then-partner, Ron Jarvis was murdered. In 2014, his killer, Stephen Standage was sentenced to 48 years in prison for Ron’s murder and the murder of another man, John Thorne. I was a prosecution witness at Ron’s trial. This story formed the basis of a Sunday Night story on me – Murder She Wrote.

The prime suspect in the Family Court Murders was arrested 33 years after a series of bombings and shootings in Sydney in the early 1980’s. During my research for the Sunday Night program I found new evidence and witnesses and subsequently wrote a book on the cases, The Family Court Murders. My Walkley Award was largely based on this work.


Justice in Jeopardy: The Unsolved Murder of Baby Deidre Kennedy

Finalist Ned Kelly award 2005

Killing for Pleasure: The Definitive Story of the Snowtown Murders

Long-listed Walkley Award 2006

Ned Kelly Award Best True-Crime 2007

The critically-acclaimed Australian movie, Snowtown inspired by book. I was a consultant on the film.

The Devil’s Garden

Sunday Night broadcast a program based on this book, 2015

Lambs to the Slaughter: Inside the mind of child killer Derek Percy

Long-listed Walkey Award 2011

Following the publication of this book, an eye-witness who saw Percy with his youngest victim just minutes before his murder came forward. I gave his extraordinary information to NSW Unsolved Homicide. According to a QC, this information should have led to Percy being charged. To our enormous disappointment, he wasn’t. Percy died a couple of years later.

Sunday Night broadcast a program based on this book.

House of Hancock: The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart

Shortlisted for NSW Ashurst Business Literature Prize, 2012

The Family Court Murders

Short-listed Book Walkley Award 2015

Walkley Award for Leadership, 2015